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Expert And Budget-friendly Pest Control Service In Brisbane

Are you in search of quality and affordable pest control company in Brisbane? Then you have landed on the right page. Opal Pest Control Brisbane is one of the local pest control companies, serving Brisbane for more than 15 years. Our pest controllers are well skilled to treat different types of pests such as rodents, flies, possums, fleas, bees, birds, and so on. Besides, we use a chemical-free solution to remove pests and give the most desirable outcome. So, to experience the best pest control Brisbane service, reach out to us today on Opal Pest Control Brisbane.

Professional Pest Control Services We Provide

Opal Pest Control Brisbane can solve all kinds of pest problems. No matter which type of pest control or pest removal service you are looking for, we can serve it. We provide a wide range of pest control services in Brisbane which are as follows:

Bed Bugs Control Brisbane

Bed Bugs Control Brisbane

Bed bugs bite can cause redness, itching, and allergens to humans. So, if you see a sign of a bed bug in your home, then hire our professional bed bug exterminator team in Brisbane..

Cockroach Control Brisbane

Cockroach Control Brisbane

Roaches are one of the common pests. Moreover, they are mostly found in your kitchen contaminating your food and running around the shelves. We provide a highly effective cockroach control treatment that will make your place free of roaches.

Ant Control Brisbane

Ant Control Brisbane

Ants are mostly attracted to sugary foods and soon you will see a big ant infestation at your place. To get rid of ants thoroughly, we spray the best and safe ant control solution.

Possum Removal Brisbane

Possum Removal Brisbane

If you notice a possum making noises on your roof or in your backyard, then do not wait and call us. Our Pest Control Brisbane provide a quick possum control service.

Bee Wasp Removal Brisbane

Bee And Wasp Removal Brisbane

Bee or wasp stings are harmful and cause some serious problems. If you have a bee or wasp infestation in your place, then call our professional bee removal team. We safely relocate them using proven methods.

Silverfish Control Brisbane

Silverfish Control Brisbane

Controlling silverfish using any commercial products may not give you the desired results. So, book our experienced team for this job. We apply the right and chemical-free solution to treat the silverfish to save your documents and books from the silverfish attack.

Flies Control Brisbane

Flies Control Brisbane

We are also specialists in treating flies. Our team identifies the source of flies infestation in your property and thoroughly eliminates it. Also, our team uses excellent methods to treat small to big fly infestations.

Rodent & Mice Control Brisbane

Mice/ Rodent Control Brisbane

Rodents and mice are responsible for a lot of damage in homes and offices. It is important to treat them as soon as possible. So, if you need a fast and quality rodent/ mice control treatment in Brisbane, then we are here to serve you the best.

Fleas Control Brisbane

Fleas Control Brisbane

Fleas attack your pet and especially they are found biting dogs. So, to save your pets from these creepy insects, hire us. We thoroughly remove fleas using pet-friendly solutions.

Termite Control Brisbane

Termite Control Brisbane

Excess moisture in the home can attract termites. They are attracted to wood and are also known for certain damages to your house foundation. Our team is well experienced to provide both termite inspection and control services.

Spider Control Brisbane

Spider Control Brisbane

We are also available to treat different types of spider species present in your premise. Besides, our expert team also gives the best tips to prevent spiders from entering your place in the future.

Different Kinds Of Pest Control Methods We Apply

We follow different types of pest treatment according to the type of pest. Moreover, our pest solutions are safe for both humans and pets. We mainly follow the below-given pest control methods:

Fumigation Or Fogging:

Fumigation and fogging include the elimination of pests using fumes. This method helps in suffocating pests. We use this method especially to kill the insects like mosquitoes. Besides, our team is well equipped with proper machines to perform the fumigation and fogging method. Also, we make sure there is no adverse effect on your health when we choose these pest control methods.

Traps and baits

For pests like rodents, we use traps and baits. There are different types of traps and baits that we set. Moreover, our Pest Control Brisbane team will continuously monitor it. Mostly we set the traps which give us quick results. Our team is skilled to put a convenient bait to catch the pest in one go.

Physical Pest Control Methods:

This method involves hand control or machinal ways to kill or catch the pests. We set barriers for the pests and catch them. Using heat treatments or spraying the solution directly, we trap the pests. We have a well-trained team who follow the physical method and give you a safe service

Pest Control Experts

Importance Of Hiring Expert Pest Controllers In Brisbane

Pests are well known for spreading various diseases and several allergens to humans as well as pets. They contaminate your food and also damage your property. Trying home pest control methods can be risky and also you might not get the best results. So it is important to hire an expert team to get rid of pests thoroughly.

Professionals have adequate knowledge and proper machines and solution to control or remove the pests. Besides, they give the best results and also make sure there is no pest recurrence in your place in Brisbane. So, do not give a second thought and hire our professional Pest Control Brisbane team today.

Different Ways In Which Professionals Can Help Your Make Your Place Pest-free?

  • Experts will reach the root of the pest problem.
  • We thoroughly eliminate the pests and give you a safe environment to live in.
  • Saves your property from severe damages done by pests.
  • Protects you from different kinds of threats caused by harmful pests.
  • Our service gives you peace of mind.
  • We also give you the best tips to prevent future pests attacks.

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We Offer Special Pest Control Services In Brisbane

Our team of Pest Control Brisbane has always offered pest control services according to our client’s needs. We also offer services like:

Same-day pest control

Same Day Pest Control:

We are well known for offering rapid service to our clients. So, we are available to offer our pest control service on the same day you book us.

Emergency pest control

Emergency Pest Control:

Do you need pest control service within an hour? Call us. Our professionals are also available to offer emergency pest control services at no additional cost.

Residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

No matter which residential place it is whether it is a private home or apartment, you can call us. Besides, we also provide our service in all residential societies of Brisbane.

Commercial pest control

Commercial pest control

We offer our excellent pest control services in all types of commercial places like shops, malls, kids care centres, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, and so on.

Affordable pest control

Affordable Pest Control:

When you hire us, you will get full value for your money. Our pest control services are available at cheap prices. Furthermore, our pest inspection cost is economical.e

Dead Pest Removal

Eco-friendly Pest Control

The solution we use to treat all kinds of pests is eco-friendly. We provide a non-toxic pest control service in Brisbane. So get a safe pest control service today.

Dead Pest Removal

Dead Pest Removal

If you find dead pests in your home, then do not worry and call our professionals. We will be there to remove dead pests from your place and make it clean and hygienic.

How Our Team Does The Pest Control?

Our well-trained follow the best method to make your property pest-free. We follow these 3 main steps when we perform pest control.

Pest Inspection

The first thing our team will do is thoroughly inspect the place to know the extent of the infestation and the type of pests.


In the next step, we carry the treatment which is best suitable. There are different types of treatments such as spraying of pesticides, fumigation or fogging, traps and baits so on. We plan the treatment according to the type of pests.

Documentation & Follow-Up

In the end, once we complete the pest control treatment, we will do further documentation. Also, our team will do routine follow-ups to make sure there is no pest infestation is left in your place.

provide pest control services

Which Places Do We Render Our Pest Control Services?

We are available to offer outstanding pest control services in all types of places in Brisbane including:

  • College and schools
  • Homes
  • Residential societies
  • Manufacturing units
  • Kids health care centres
  • Commercial spaces and so on.

In Which Areas Does Our Team Check For Pests?

We thoroughly look for pests in almost all the corners of your place. Our expert team will mostly look in areas such as interiors of buildings, timber walls, ceiling and roofs, carpets and gardens, garage, underfloor gaps, backyard and driveways, fencing, etc.

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You Can Follow These Tips To Prevent Pests In Your Home

  • Keep your kitchen clean.
  • Clean your bathroom every day.
  • Do not let the water stand.
  • Seal the food in a tight container.
  • Maintain your garden.
  • Make sure to put on nets on windows.
  • Seal the cracks and holes.
  • Throw the garbage from the trash bin daily and so on.

Why Hire Us For Pest Removal?

Opal Pest Control Brisbane take pride in serving the best pest control services in Brisbane. There are various reasons to choose us:

  • Expert and experienced team
  • Easy and 24*7 bookings
  • High-Quality pest control
  • Organic pest control
  • Reasonable pest control cost
  • Local pest controllers
  • Best customer service
  • Reliable and quick service

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